How to Select The Right Colors for Your Memorial

How to Select The Right Colors for Your Memorial

4 Designs X 16 Colors X 2 Sizes = A Whole Lot!

Memory Glass Orbs are available in 4 different designs and 16 different colors. Add 2 size choices and 2 wrap options and it equates to 16,777,216 combinations! So how do you help your customer choose?

'Dad Always Wore Blue"
At Memory Glass, we have twenty-two years of helping customers design the perfect memory. The most common criterion is the deceased's favorite color. "Dad always wore blue." Eye color, hair color, birthstone colors, or a loved one's favorite flower are also popular choices. More creative criteria include favorite car color, anniversary stone color, and if they were military or first responders, the Star & Stripes Orb in red, white, and blue.

And remember, Orbs, Votive Candle Holders, Pendants and Touchstones can all be ordered with 2 colors, so for instance, hair and eye color can each be infused in a single memory. And don't forget Fingerprints, which can be added to further customize most memorials.

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