• Cindy

    The memory glass that displays our dog 'Ellee's ashes" is beautiful. We turn in on at night and it glows with her ashes. Thank you for the lasting memory we will have of our beloved dog forever. You guys did a great job!


  • Cristina Griffin

    Your Memory Glasses have been a blessing to so many! A friend of mine passed from Cervical Cancer 1 May 2008 and we purchased 5 pendants (3 one for each of her childen and one for her two sisters-all of which have been worn since receiving them) and now my father's health is declining so my stepmother and I will be getting pendants and orbs to carry him with us! Thanks so much for your dedication and committment to our loved ones!

    Ponte Verde Beach, FL

  • Amanda

    I wanted to write and say thank you very much. i only got three days with my son, but now i can have him with me always. he will be the night light for his future siblings. my memory glass is very special we notice that there is a letter b inside and my sons last name starts with a b. the light that shines on the ceiling when it is on reminds me of the past present and future symbol. it has helped a lot since we got it. please don't ever stop what you guys are doing it is great. thank you once again. p.s i already have people set on wanting to get more stuff through you guys.

  • Lynn & Linde

    First let me thank you for the BEAUTIFUL globe, it was beyound our expectations to see the results. We know that each one is done by hand and that no two are alike. When our son left, on that faithful saturaday night, he was wearing his kilt. He also had a celtic tat band on his arm. When we sat up our globe and looked up at the celing the first thing that we noticed was that the light was forming a celtic knot. Needless to say we both cried and will forever cherish our globe for the memory that it brings to us and our family. You do beautiful work, thank you so much. We never knew that such a thing was out there, and we tell eveyone we know about your services. Thank you so much for the loving memory you have given to us.

    Ragley, LA

  • Cris New

    After losing my Husband John to suicide on October 2008, I had very mixed emotions on how to memorialize him. Your company was suggested to my by my uncle who runs a memorial park in Grants Pass, Oregon, and it was, at first glance, the perfect solution. Your artistry and compassion shows in your work and I'm able to look at the memory glass sculpture with much more than sadness- I find joy in its beauty as work of art.I placed it next to our wedding picture- the beginning and the end... I chose the galaxy design as I know that John's soul is out there somewhere with our Creator and that brings me peace. I also commissioned a sculpture for his parents with the embrace motif and they are so moved by it. You are providing a service that is much needed and I was glad to be able to give you another outlet to "get your name out there" with our local mortuary. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless your future business and thanks again for your sensitivity.

    Hesperia, CA

  • Mrs. Melony S. Arnold

    I wanted to thank you both from the bottom of my heart!! My brother and I got a Memory Globe with the cremain's of our mother in them. They are very beautiful!! It will be a special gift to pass down to my children/her grandchildren whom miss their grandmother very much! I am very happy that we decided to get these. The work, time and effort you guys put into these makes it even that much better!! It is a beautiful way to keep the cremain's of a loved one close to you!!

    Dover Air Force Bace, DE

  • Miriam Perry

    We picked up our Memory Glass™ order at the post office yesterday evening and it is even more beautiful than we had imagined it would be. It is a great comfort to have this lovely work of art as a tribute to a family member who has left us in body but will always be with us in spirit.

    Thank you also for the remaining ashes and for all of your patience with my many phone calls to you these past months. As you can imagine, this has been a difficult time and your calm demeanor (and willingness to take my calls!) made the wait for this closure more bearable.

    I wish you well in your business endeavors -- new furnace, new studio, etc.

  • Diana

    I am one of Lisa (and Gorb's) many friends who have been just stunned today with the breathtaking art that Gorb has been transformed into. Not only does it uniquely capture who this very special cat was and his important mission here on earth, but it has brought Lisa and Michael an enormous amount of comfort and peace.

    For that I bless you and your colleagues.

    This is an extraordinary way to use your collective talent to create things of breathtaking beauty and help others in a way even good friends cannot. I know there will be a special place in Heaven for all of you.

    Thank you so much. I wish you all the greatest success. Bless you again for your compassion and commitment to sharing your wonderful talent with the rest of the world in this truly visionary manner.

  • Nancy 

    Incredible, thank you so much. I can't wait to have mom and dad close to my heart and around my neck, together. The service you provide is so important. I am so glad the funeral home recommended you.

  • Stacey Dackson

    Hi Nick,
    I wanted to let you know that I have just received the Memory Glass™. I think that it is wonderful. Thank you very much. This is such a great way to keep the memory of my grandmother alive.

    Many thanks for creating this unique keepsake.

  • Celia Girard


    I received my finished piece in the mail today and I wanted to write to express my thanks.

    The piece is everything your website promised it to be. With the addition of the lighted stand, it is an incredible tribute! What a unique way to honor a pet that shared 20 years of my life.

    Thank you and your staff for allowing me such a wonderful way to remember my furry friend.

  • Jessica Pintard

    Loren & Crew,

    I wanted to thank you for doing such an awesome job with Eric’s Memory Glass™. He would be so stoked on it!

    I am so thankful to have something so beautiful to remember him by and honor him with.

    You should be so proud of the wonderful work that you do.

    Thank you

  • Bonnie Yassky

    Just a quick note to let you know the Memory Glass™ of my father, Rick Elder arrived safely. The work you do is so lovely. My mother and I appreciate having something of beauty that reflects the lovely man that was my father.Thank you for the special comfort you provide.

  • Stephanie

    I received my Memory Glass™ this morning certified mail -- and am truly in awe of its beauty.

    My cat, Sasha, was my world. There are no words to describe what she meant to me. My loss, after 15 1/2 years, was unspeakable. I was so reluctant to release any of her ashes to you -- and yet what I got in return for taking that risk is a true testament to the beauty and love she brought to my life. It is truly more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

    Thank you again for everything.