Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I ship my cremated remains to Memory Glass™?

  • When you place your order, we send you a Welcome Kit containing all you need to send your loved one's cremated remains safely back to Memory Glass. (what is a welcome kit?)
  • The Welcome Kit should arrive within 4 business days from the time your place your order.
  • When you receive the kit, place one scoop of cremated remains per piece ordered (regardless of size) inside the small ziploc bag. Place the small bag inside the larger ziploc bag and mail it back to us via USPS Express Mail. This is required by law when sending cremated remains.
  • We recommend putting the double bagged ashes inside a USPS EXPRESS FLAT RATE ENVELOPE to minimize shipping costs.

Can a Memory Glass be made from hair?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the extremely high temperatures that our process brings the Memory Glass, and the Memory Glass Pendant, any hair will simply burn away, leaving no traces behind.

Can I use something other than Cremated Remains?

Yes. There are several options you can use if you don't have any ashes available. Dirt or sand from a loved one's burial plot or favorite beach are just a few examples. Also, baby's teeth can be used, but will basically turn to ash when made into a Memory Glass.

How does the ordering process work? What is a Welcome Kit?

  • To order, first select the item size, large or small. Size determines price.
  • Next choose your design: embrace, galaxy or swirl.
  • You can choose  TWO colors for inside  the Memory Glass™ item. (what colors do you have?)
  • Optionally, you can add a Wrap or Coil to your Memory Glass™ and decide it's color. (what is a wrap?*wraps add $25.00 per piece
  • Finally, you have the choice of two stands: black plastic or Mahagony. (more about stands and prices)
  • A Welcome kit contains the following:

- 2ea Ziploc bags (one small, one large) for the cremains, pre-labeled w/ unique identifying information

- 1 sterile 1/4 tsp. scoop for handling cremains

- Simple to follow instructions

Please refer to our Ordering Process Page for more detailed ordering instructions.

How large is each Memory Glass™, including wooden base and the height and weight?

  • Small Memory Glass™:

- 2-3 inches tall -- 2-3 inches in diameter

- 1-2 lbs

  • Large Memory Glass™

- 3-5 inches tall -- 3-4 inches in diameter

- 2-4 lbs ;

  • Spanish Mahogany Stand

- (w)3.5in x (d)3.5in x (h)1.5in

- includes (2) lines of engraving

How Large are Memory Glass Pendants and Touchstones

A Memory Glass Pendant is roughly the size of a quarter and is about 1/4" inch thick. A Touchstone is approximately the size of a 50 cent piece and 1/4 inch thick. Of course, all Memory Glass products are hand-made and may be a bit larger or smaller.

How much cremated remains are needed for a Memory Glass™... large or small?

Both the large and small Memory Glass™ require ONE scoop (1/2 tsp) per piece. For instance, if you order three, include three scoops. Any unused remains will be shipped back to you with your final order.

Are the cremated remains visible in the glass or used during the hand-blowing creation? 

Yes. The streaks of white that you see in all of the pictures are actual remains. They are infused within the layers of glass that create a Memory Glass™.

How large is the scoop for ashes?

  • The scoop is roughly 1/2 teaspoon and provides enough for ONE Memory Glass™.

Is there a place on the Memory Glass™ where a name or date can be etched in? 

Yes. The bottom of the Memory Glass™ is a flat polished surface. There is just about enough room for initals and a date. To fit more text, such as a personalized message, or a full name and date, we recommend adding a Mahogany stand with an engraved plaque.

Is the stand necessary for the Memory Glass™ to sit upright? Are the two connected?

No. Memory Glass™ will stand by itself without the wooden stand. The stand is not connected to the Memory Glass™, but provides white LED light from below and a place for a personalized plaque.

What are LED lights?

Light Emitting Diodes. Found in key-chain flashlights, and new car head-lamps, they provide pure white light for 100,000+ hours and run on minimal electricity, while emitting little to no heat.

How is a Memory Glass™ made?

The process of creating your Memory Glass™ is quite simple. We send you a welcome kit that provides everything you need to ship a portion of the remains back to us. Once we receive the cremains, we begin to create your Memory Glass™.

With the color & design options labeled on the ziploc bag, we lay out the remains and colored glass in patterns and infuse them between the second and third layers or "gathers" of glass. After the fourth gather, the piece is ready for final shaping and the adding of an optional footing or wrap. The wrap goes on HOT and is fused to the outside of the piece, becoming one with the Memory Glass™. At this point, the Memory Glass™ is still attached to the "blow pipe" and must be broken off. This leaves an uneven, sharp edge that is polished away completely after the piece fully cools a few days later.

More information is available on our "Creation Process" page.

How do we know our loved one's remains are safe?

All Memory Glass™ orders are tracked from the time that they leave your hands at the post office, until the time that the final piece returns to you.USPS Express Mail is the most secure and legally required method of shipping ashesand provides shipment tracking, and the ziploc label provides order tracking on our end. Records of each order are kept in our company database and accompany each order during the entire creation process.

Any unused cremains will be returned with your order in its original vial. The caution we will employ in this process will equal the care and consideration devoted to the entire procedure - from our first contact to the actual sculpting to the delivery of your keepsake - ensuring that you, your loved one, and the memorial in their honor are treated with the utmost respect.

Who actually makes the Memory Glass™?

We make them ourselves, ie. BB, Sophia, and Erik make them all. We feel that the only way to truly make sure that nothing happens to your order is to blow them ourselves, in our shop. This also has created a rather quick turnaround time, roughly 2-4 weeks from the time we receive the welcome kit back from you.

What colors are available?

Currently, Memory Glass offers 16 colors for all products.

Wraps on the orbs can be made in a Shiny Silver, which is a chrome-like black.


What are Wraps & Coils?

  • Wraps and Coils are a gather of glass that is wound around the Memory Glass™ Orb while both pieces are hot. Both Wraps and Coils are permanently fused to the Memory Glass™ Orb and cannot be removed. (what colors are available?)
  • *Wraps and Coils add $25 per piece and come in all of Memory Glasses 16 Colors plus Sterling Silver

What shipping methods are used? What are the prices for shipping?

  • Memory Glass ships all cremated remains using USPS Express. FedX Express provides the most secure form of shipment available for shipping cremated remains.
  • Prices for shipment depends on weight and is calculated before checking out. Prices include all shipping costs to and from Memory Glass.