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Differing Views on Cremation and Death

The majority of Cremation Memorials crafted by Memory Glass contain minute amounts of human or pet ashes (also known as cremains or cremated-remains) embedded inside our glass keepsakes, jewelry, orbs, and votive candle holders. For us, these objects hold the essence or memory of a loved one passed.

Not all religious groups, however, recognize or allow cremation. For those groups, including Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and others there are alternative ways to recognize and preserve the memory of those passed. For instance, we often create keepsakes and jewelry for Catholic Hispanics by substuting grave site soil for cremains in their glass memorials. Additionally, we've used hair and even small pieces of clothing to create ash for infusion in our memorials.

Remember that these views can vary based on individual beliefs and cultural practices. Ultimately, personal and family preferences play a significant role in deciding how to handle the remains of a loved one.

Below is a brief explanation of religious attitudes toward cremation based on an AI search.

  1. Buddhism:

    • Encourages Cremation: Buddhism is one of the religions that encourages cremation. Over time, Buddhist traditions have evolved from forest burials to mummification and even sky burials. Sky burial, where remains are left for birds and animals, is still practiced by some Tibetans. Afterward, the remains are either cremated or placed in a sanctuary.
  2. Islam:

  3. Judaism:

  4. Eastern Orthodox Church:

  5. Other Religions and Cultures:


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