Memory Glass In The News: The Importance of Being URNest Blog

Memory Glass In The News: The Importance of Being URNest Blog

When a customer tells us that their Memory Glass memorial has helped them find closure, it reminds us of one of the reasons that we started this business – to help grieving people through memorialization.


Memory Glass Orb Aqua

Memory Glass Memorial Orb


You might wonder, how exactly does a memorial product help someone find closure? We hear from people all the time who have been holding onto their loved one’s ashes for years. Many know that their loved one wished to be scattered or buried, but they can’t bring themselves to part with the ashes.

The Importance of Being URNest is a new blog that focuses on just this subject. Their recent post, Ashes to Glasses, refers to Memory Glass as a “Gorgeous solution” to memorialization. Creating a Memory Glass memorial only requires a tiny amount of cremated ashes, which allows families to make memorials for each family member to keep while still being able to scatter or bury the rest.

We hope to see the new blog’s future posts take us down the road to its author’s own closure, however they may find it.

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