Vegas Road Trip to ASD Trade Show

Vegas Road Trip to ASD Trade Show

There’s nothing like a 24-hour round trip excursion to Las Vegas. We drove out to Sin City to attend the ASD Consumer Goods trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This trade show was like the mother of all shows, as it is literally six shows in one. Every type of retail merchandise that could possibly be on the market was there. You name it, you can find it at ASD.

Our sole mission: to seek out new gift packaging for our memorials. Six hours of power walking later, we discovered a packaging “gem”. Mission Accomplished.

Then we hightailed it out of there, eager to trade in Las Vegas’ 110° baking desert for Santa Barbara’s 70° ocean breeze. Although, now that we’re back to blowing glass today in front of our 2,000° furnace, it’s feeling like we never left Vegas.

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